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Games & Projects

At MADSOFT Games, we strive to provide diversity in our library of games and projects.

By exploring different ways to creatively support our games, we aim to build complex and compelling worlds that capture the imaginations and hearts of our players.

Aikonia Webcomic

The Aikonia webcomic is an on-going fantasy webcomic filled with magic, suspense, and death. Updates every Monday and Thursday!

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Me And My Dinosaur

Help Hunter and his pet T-Rex find their way back to their hometown through beautifully whimsical environments in this puzzle-platforming adventure!

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Project: Velyria

Join the Velyrian colonists as they explore the deadly secrets of the planet's core. Project: Velyria is a compelling new sci-fi themed browser-based MMORPG where you can choose your class, select your skills, and save the mysterious planet from what lurks beneath.

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Avillum is an upcoming browser-based, online, fantasy-themed trading card game.

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Space Chase

Something is lurking in this dark and empty Space Station. Can you make it to the escape pod before it catches you? Space Chase is an exciting sci-fi survival arcade game!

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Published Title: VRNinja

VRNinja is a virtual reality game that challenges you to dodge and duck your way through flurries of deadly, flying projectiles to become the ultimate ninja master.

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Published Title: SciAnts

Survive never-ending waves of superpowered ants in SciAnts, an exciting, fast-paced arcade game for mobile!

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The Madjestic Network

The Madjestic Network is a platform built with the users in mind. After registering an account, you'll be able to link the game accounts you have created for our games (such as Project: Velyria) and create your own personal avatar!

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